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Hello and welcome to my www.coachenio.com website! My name is Enio Sacilotto, let me tell you a little bit about myself and the website!
I was born and raised in Vancouver, BC, attended Brandon University in Manitoba, where I earned a B.G.S. degree in Physical Education. I have a house in North Burnaby, BC along with my beautiful wife, Jeanne and 2 stepchildren, Katherine and Stephen.
I am a professional hockey coach, small business owner, inspirational speaker, loving husband, stepfather, son, brother, uncle and a student of the spiritual side of life! I believe that a positive attitude is the most important attribute that a person can have. With faith and the right attitude, we will be prepared to take on all of life's challenges, no matter how big or small and in all areas of our life. Public Speaking, mental training in sports, business & life, along with spirituality and personal growth are life long interests of mine!
My goal for the past 11 years was to have this website up and running. The day has finally come!! I would like to thank Francois Cleroux the master webmaster/computer whiz who started the project and who has been a big inspiration. A huge thank you for the excellent work by Machiko Murakami and Greg Culos from IAM in completing the project, and finally, to my wife Jeanne for her guidance and inspiration!
I want this website to be a resource for anyone who wants to learn more about the sport of ice hockey, pick up new drill ideas, new tips on how to coach athletes and people of any sport or vocation.
I want it to be a resource to learn about, personal excellence and personal growth. At the "coachenio" website, one can learn more about our excellent summer ice hockey camps (IIHSI Hockey Development). IIHSI is where we strive to teach players not only about ice hockey, but how to develop themselves as people of high character, which ultimately translates into success in all walks of life.
To explore the personal development with a spiritual touch, I am available to come and speak to your group on topics pertinent to many walks of life, such as team building, positive attitudes and visualization techniques. Many professional athletes in all major leagues around the globe practice these techniques which have been instrumental in their successes. These skills are transferable and apply to all professions. Please check out the, "Services" for this choice.
Feel free to join as a free member, subscribe for our newsletter, surf around, contribute an article on any topic, contribute an ice hockey drill or explore any of the links!
Check in regularly as we will be updating often! I encourage you to email me with any suggestions, comments, ideas or articles!
Good surfing!

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