Continuous Rim Drill

  1. Two lines with pucks at the hash marks.
  2. Place a player at the blue line with a puck.
  3. Player will skate into the high slot shoot, then look for a rebound, sprint to the corner, get prepared for the rim by P3.
  4. P2 time swing into the slot providing support for P1 as they retrieve the puck off the wall.  P1 will make a direct pass or a chip off the wall to P2.
  5. P2 carry the puck down the ice for a shot and become P1 for the next repetition at the other end.

Variation 1 coach or player at center ice.  As P2 receives the pass from P1 they have to make a give and go with this additional player at center ice.

Variation 2 is to add defense in the middle of the ice.  They have to create a good gap as the puck is rimmed and then play a 1 on 1 against P2.

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