Neutral Zone 5 Pass Drill

A great drill to use at the start of practise to warm-up your team and your goalies or just to practise the skill of passing.

1.  One side at a time. 

2.  On the whistle,1 moves feet, passes to 2 (#1).

3.  2 quickly passes (#2) to 3 at the boards.

4.  3 passes to 4 (#3) coming from the other side.

5.  4 passes to 1 (#4) the original player who started the drill, 1 goes in and takes a shot.

6.  4 continues around the center circle and gets a pass (#5) from the line he came from, player 5, then goes to the opposite end to shoot.

7.   Both players remain in front of the net for the next 2 shooters.

8.  6 starts the drill from the other side.

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