Transition Passing

On whistle:  OPTION A: 1 skates with a puck and passes (pass 1) to 2. 1 swings low and turns boards then heads up ice. 2 skates into the middle and turns up ice, passes (pass 2) the puck back to 1 who shoots.

OPTION B: 1 skates passes (pass 1) to 2. 1 swings low and turns to boards and heads up ice. 2 now skates into the middle, turns up, passes (pass 2) to 1

1, turns to middle, swinging low and turns up ice with the puck. 2 turns towards the boards, turns up ice, ready to receive, 1 passes (pass 3) back to 2, who goes in and shoots. Option B is a double transition!

Points: After receiving 1st pass…always skate to middle. Swing low & tight when changing directions. Keep sticks on the ice, setting solid targets. Keep feet moving, maintaining speed.

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