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by Warren Nye

Coming from a coaching background in sports and running my own business, I can also relate to a lot of folks who have businesses of their own. So when I talk to my clients and players my stories seem to focus on the sport relative theme, which is fine I guess. Because in sport or business, to succeed you need to have. “The Winning Attitude”

Here’s what I mean-

What desires and dreams do you have for your hockey career? We have all laid awake at night when were younger and dreamed the impossible dream, playing professional hockey, playing in the show, playing in the NHL! Doing what it takes to get there over time, there will be a lot of pain and pleasure. But most don’t follow through because of several factors. Lack of confidence, lack of talent, lack of determination or even the lack of support which is big one if you think about.

What you need is a sense of purpose and something that makes you do the impossible, something that is deep within you that no one can steal away from you as an individual that will make a difference and leave a legacy. It is only YOU that can come up with it but luckily here are some things to point you in the right direction.

1) Moving Forward – Do you believe in yourself? If you do then you will believe that there is no mistakes in what you are doing in your life-everything you do has consequences. They are direct results of the decisions made in the past. Consequences could be what pushes you forward to a new level of the elite. It can help you grow, change which way you thought you should be going. In other words the consequences helps us plan on where we want to go and to move forward.

2) Being In Control – Born with purpose, we all are. We are destined to fulfill our dreams and goals if we choice to do so but unfortunately most don’t as we allow others to do the choosing for us. We sometimes let others control our life which is sad isn’t it? If you feel this is happening then have a plan to get it changed and take back your control.

3) Not Always Getting What We Want – I think there was a song about that?( Thanks to the Stones) – Sometimes this can be a blessing but we don’t see it that way right at that moment do we? I always felt if it wasn’t meant to be there was reason behind it. Maybe I needed to do more of something before I reached it. I do know this though, my character was or is being challenged to grow even more and to help me align myself to my goal and purpose, I truly believe this! What I also believe is that you need to know thy-self. Once you understand and know yourself better, your strengths and weaknesses, you then can reveal what you are being challenged with to grow.

4) Feeling Excited – Once you start reaching some of the goals you have set out, you will start feeling and seeing yourself more excited and you will feel the deep energy in oneself that will help you strive towards more of the goals you have set. The energy will rise, your inner strength and support for developing your self-confidence and the belief necessary to take control of your life and reach out more will spring board you to newer heights. When this happens new and better opportunities will start appearing, the right people will appear to assist you and any future challenges are faced with determination and a all win attitude.

So there you have it, 4 steps to help you reach further to obtain the goals you want. Take responsibility for yourself and the life you wish to have. Become mentally strong in your decisions to become the best athlete you can be. Understand that when you don’t get what you want, it usually means to need to challenge yourself even more. Plus remember you are here for a purpose and there is a reason for all things, some we won’t realize until later even after we have accomplished our goal. I always tell my players this,’Don’t waste your time on what has happened, it happened, learn from it and then let it go and move forward, you will be glad you did’

Coach Nye