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Driving the net while protection the puck is a great skill to teach our young players.

Some key points to keep in mind when teaching Net Drives while protecting the puck:

1. Crossing the blueline, you read that the D has a tight gap.

2. Accelerate to get behind the D and take puck to the net.

3. Create a wall between the puck and checker by using your body, legs, hips, butt and arms – DO NOT expose puck.

4. Keep puck wide and away from the defender – to prevent poke check.

5. You can use your inside arm & leg to protect puck if needed.

6. Keep body moving – push with outside leg by using C cuts.

7. Start drive before face off dot and go for far post so you end up in front of the net.

Study the 4 clips! Any questions or you want Coach Enio to come and work with your team, call 604 255 4747 or email