Small Area Games & Camp

Learn the skating techniques and skills to win battles on the puck's offensive and defensive sides.

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Camp Overview

When one speaks to coaches or hockey talent evaluators at all levels, one often speaks about how competitive a player is. Does he go to the difficult areas, is the first on loose pucks, and wins small area battles? The Small Area Games & Battle Camp will teach you the skating techniques and skills to win battles on the puck’s offensive and defensive sides. We do teach through angling competitions, races, and small area games. In addition, the classroom component will teach you about off-ice habits and mental preparation strategies to help you be a true competitor!

What You'll Learn

On-Ice Curriculum

  • Skating for Agility & quick feet -mirror drills / lateral movement / backward movement.
  • You will learn how to win one-on-one battles both defensively and offensively. You will learn how to get body positioning & angling to gain possession of loose pucks.
  • You will learn how to use your stick to keep the puck or regain possession.
  • You will learn how to become a more Competitive Player!
  • You will learn game concepts through drills, races, and playing many small-area games!

Off-Ice Curriculum

  • Video examples of competitive situations and tips on how to compete. Inspirational stories.
  • Learn Mental Training techniques, including Goal setting & more.

Cost to Attend

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February 29, 2024

May 6, 2024

May 6, 2024





Group Discount Rate:

  • Organize a group of five players or more (teammates, friends, siblings, etc.) and receive a $50.00 discount.
  • Contact people not yet registered and send them this link:
  • Assign a parent who can communicate with us as the primary contact.
  • Give your group a name (Smith Group).
  • Please email us a list of players with their emails under the group name (you need 5 to start and add).
  • We will send your parent contact a PROMO CODE. The families then register using the PROMO CODE.