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The Race Battle Recover System (RBR) with Jeff Compton

The Race Battle Recover System (RBR) will provide you with the exact program you need to maximize your hockey development. You will be invited to join our team through the TrainHeroic app where you will receive each workout (video, description, sets, reps, rest etc.) and it will track every rep…and allow our coaches to evaluate/make changes through our dashboard, customizing it to your specific needs.

 The RBR System is actually THREE programs in one: the daily periodized hockey specific workout, your personalized ‘Overtime Workout’ and an off-ice hockey skills program. So RBR can be your complete solution, or a MUST-HAVE supplement to your existing program/trainer.

 Workouts will feature weight routines, field work, cardio circuits, body-weight sessions and a few top-secret ‘super-gainers’ (stay tuned!).

 Sessions will improve:

  • Speed
  • Acceleration
  • Deceleration
  • Balance
  • Explosiveness
  • Direction Change
  • Strength
  • Power
  • Muscle Mass
  • Aerobic fitness
  • Anaerobic fitness
  • Flexibility
  • Breathing
  • MENTAL toughness

 You will receive zoom based education sessions to teach you:

  • how to create ideal morning and pre-sleep rituals,
  • ideal sleep strategies,
  • warm-up and cool-down mechanics,
  • career planning,
  • goal setting,
  • nutrition and more.

 You’ll hear from some amazing guest coaches that will motivate and inspire you to be your best!

We will also connect you with additional services from partner coaches who offer personal and group training sessions, cooking lessons, speed work and more. One of our Lower Mainland partner coaches is Carl Bombardier who will be working with the Seattle Seahawks NFL team…you will meet him on a zoom session soon!

 Please see the attached brochure…BUT do not share this opportunity with anyone. As I mentioned this is by invitation ONLY. We will only work with a limited group of dedicated, like minded motivated athletes.

 The program is available from June 18th – September 1st. Cost is $299 + HST/month or $759 +HST for the full summer. Simply send me an email with “I’m in and Coach Enio sent me” to get started and to get your special DISCOUNT.”

 In the meantime, download your free TrainHeric App/membership, make sure your water bottles are full and your shoes are tied…

 Your first workout is waiting…Training starts NOW.

 Let’s make this your BEST summer!!

 Jeff Compton

Strength Conditioning and Skills Coach

Victoria Royals Hockey Club

Jeff Compton