2 ON 2 – 1 PUCK

Great drill to work on transition and 2 on 2 battles, very game like drill.

  1. G starts the drills by passing the puck to F1 or F2, they swing, they go 2 on 2 vs. D1 and D2. 
  2. These 4 play 2 on 2 low until a goal is scored or D1 and D2 win the puck. 
  3. When the puck is won, D1 or D2 or the goalie pass to 1 of the F’s, who go into the zone and take their DFZ positions., 2 new D jump in to defend the 2 on 2 the other way. 
  4. Drill is continous.  F’s can forecheck on lost pucks. 

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