Badger Breakout 2 on 1

1.  Drill starts with a whistle and is then continuous.

2.  D1 starts in front of his own net. On the initial whistle, F1 and F2 backcheck to their own end.

3.  D1 and D2 run a breakout play (reverse is diagrammed). D1 is done after the breakout.

4.  F1 and F2 receive the breakout and attack up ice on a 2 vs 1 against D1.

5.  and leave as the attacking forwards pass the blue line and apply backpressure. The forwards get one shot and a quick rebound if available and then that puck is done. F1 and F2 are done and return to the line.

6.  and run a breakout play to start a rush by and the other direction against, and the drill continues. 

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