Top hand up (keeps blade flat on ice), cup blade over the puck on forehand and backhand, head up, top hand (control hand) controls blade and the bottom hand (power hand) adds power to stick and blade.
Focus on keeping your head up, scanning the ice, being aware of your surroundings.

  1. Have players control puck around the cones, work on quick moves at the cone, look, move puck and feet one way and cut opposite way, finish with a shot.
  2. players skate to cone 2 and glide back to cone 1 then skate to cone 3 and tight turn around the cone and go to net for a shot, keep head up, scan ice.
  3. tight turns around all 3 cones head up, scan ice.
  4. Lateral movements, player skate with the puck while crossing over around 3 cones, looking opposite direction that they cut, finish with a shot.

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