Defensemen Retrievals – three times

The coach spots the puck below the goal line, and the player goes back for it making an escape move to beat the forechecker. It is imperative to shoulder check one way and read where the forechecker is. Sell the fake to make the checker lean one way. Always skate away from pressure.

1. Start at the face-off dot and skate forward to the top of the circle; the coach spots a puck deep.

2. Skate backward and turn, shoulder check, fake, tight turn-up ice and pass to the coach.

3. Skate to the top of the circle, repeat, and tight turn the other way and pass to the coach.

4. Repeat a third time, but now a coach or player forechecks.

5. Drive skate to the back of the net, wheel up ice, cutting close to the post, then pass to the coach.

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