Gap Gap 2 on 2 Drill

  1. D1 and D2 retrieve puck and make D to D pass low or D reverse pass.
  2. F1 and F2 read the D and skate the appropriate break out pattern.
  3. F1 and F2 then pass back to their D for quick neutral zone regroup then 2@2 against D1 and D2.
  4. If the coach blows a quick double whistle, forwards and D regroup again as D1 and D2 step up to reset a tight gap.

Key Points:

Forwards read the D on the BO  and support puck with correct positioning on break out.

D men communicate with each other on the breakout. D wheel is also a break out option.

After breaking out, defending D should gap up quickly in the neutral zone and reset a tight gap if there is a second regroup.

D tries to hold the defensive blue line.

Coach dumps puck to opposite side to continue the drill.

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