1. On Whistle, triangle, F1 and F2, touch up at redline and attack, the O D two-on-one. The game is a Colour vs Colour game in the diagram it is O’s vs. Triangles.

2.  On the 2nd whistle the other side goes (O forwards) versus the triangle D. Coach determines when to blow the whistle, usually after the attack.

3.  On the 2nd whistle, the defending O – D, tries to join the new O forwards to make it a three-man attack and triangle forwards trackback to make it a 3 on 3.

5.  Continous game.

6.  One point per goal, if D scores, with 2 points.

7.  Losers skate 5 laps + one for each differential score.

8.  Play to 5 or by time.

Courtesy of Mike Pelino, 20-21 DWC

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