Part 1 – On whistle 1 passes to 2.  2 goes in for a shot., 1 follows in for the rebound, one quick rebound, if available.

Part 2 – 1 and 2 receive a pass from 6 out of the corner and attack D1 – 2 on 1. Play 2 on one down low.

Part 3 – When 2 on 1 is dead, 3 skates out of the corner with the puck to join 1 and 2 to attack three-one-two vs. D2 and D3 that have jumped out.

Part 4 – When 3 on 2 is dead, 3 receives a breakaway pass from 6 and attacks at the far end.

–  After the breakaway is complete, 4 and 5 wait for the whistle to begin the next rep.

*  Keep track of how many goals the forwards score.  The losing team has to skate, pick up pucks, etc.

*  Can adjust the number of goals or amount of time to increase/decrease difficulty.

*  Allow each rush to play one quick rebound, if available.

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