VESPER-3 whistle box out

1- 1st whistle – F1 & F2 drive the net and force D1 & D2 to engage and box out. Encourage D1 & D2 to get the body and stick positioning. Encourage F1 & F2 to create space and position for screen and tip. The coach will look to shoot, pass, or shot pass. Let it play out.

2 – 2nd whistle – F1 & F2 are done and move to the side. D1 & D2 take time and space away from F3 & F4, who will protect the puck from the D. Encourage D to play with the stick-on puck and stay on the defensive side.

3 – 3rd whistle – F3 & F4 leave their pucks and drive to the net to win a race to the net and get a rebound, pass or tip on a second shot from the coach. D1 & D2 defend F3 & F4 back to net. Their objective is not to lose the race to the net and stay in a good defensive side position. 

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