Oilers 11 Pass Warm up Drill

1 leaves with puck, exchanges, 3 passes with D1, D1, now has the puck, 1 times his skating going around D1 to the other side to do the exchange with D2.  In the meantime, D1 exchanges 2 passes with 2, D1 now passes forward to D2, 2 goes around D1 and times his skating to the other side (as 1 does).  D2 now has the puck, he exchanges 2 passes with 1, 1 times his skating going to the wall.  D2 still has the puck and exchanges with 2, 2 takes the middle lane.  D2 then moves his feet, passes to 2 in middle, 2 passes to 1 on the wall, 1 drives wide, 2 drives the middle lane to the net.  Drill repeats with D2 and 1 on the other side.

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