Pertti Regroup Game

1.  Warm up Game.

2. Constant regrouping of 2 vs 2 or 3 vs 3.

3.  D play on both teams, so whovever gives them the puck, the D try to return it to.

4.  Us top of circles to top of circles.  Goalies are warmed up by coach, or do goalie drills.

5.  O’s have the puck and try to keep possession as long as they can, by using teammate on the ice and available D.  D work on D to D and regrouping techniques.

6.  O’s give the puck to D then keep stick on ice, present themselves and try to get open.  Figure out areas to go to open up and get the puck.

7. F’s can use either D men.

passing /  puck support / puck possession

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